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Let's get a head start on Print Competition for 2019 PPA Continued Education

  • 30 Sep 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • 4328 Cliff St., Laramie, Wy.


  • Not a member of PPA
  • Must be a PPA Member.

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Lets Get A Jump Start On Print Competition For 2019!!!

This course will discuss everything there is to know about Print Competition! Why should you enter.

Understand the differences between the photographic and artist categories.The meaning of loan and merits.

Competition stages such as State, Districts and IPC. How images are Judged. How Points Are awarded. The

scoring Categories. The rotation of judges. Judging terms and what they are looking for. The 12 elements of

print comp. How to prepare, client work or shoot for competition specifically. How to earn your degrees.

Spend time working on or selecting images for upcoming print competitions.

September 30th 2018 9:00am-6:00pm.

4328 Cliff St., Laramie, Wy. 82070 (Pez Photography Studio)

PPA Members $40.00

NON Members $59.00

Register by calling 307-460-0971 or email kmpezes@msn.com by September 29th 2018, by 5pm.


Angela Lawson, CPP, M.Photog., Cr.Photog. 

Remember your last portrait session. The scene was set.  Your whole family was gathered in their best dress, teasing, laughing, enjoying being together and sharing a bit of time to create a memory that will last a lifetime.  You look at that portrait now, at each face. Some of the faces you get to see every day, some are off at college or forging new careers, and some have gone on to other journeys.  Each face is so precious. You feel so blessed that you have them here with you, no matter where they really are.

Remember your very best friend, the one that would lay at your feet, walk by your side or that was your protector even when you didn’t need protecting.  He’ll always be with you, too. You treasured him enough to take him to AGL Photography and have him photographed. He was so cute and listened so well that day.

At AGL Photography, we understand that it is all the rage to be photographed and have your images delivered to you digitally. However, we also know that it is doing you a real disservice to only share your images with you on a medium that will disappear.   A beautifully and professionally printed portrait is guaranteed to last over 100 years.   At AGL Photography, we encourage you to purchase more than just a digital memory.  We want you to have not only a “tangible memory”, but also an heirloom that can be passed on for generations to come.

At AGL Photography, we know that the future comes, and we are here to make sure those important moments of time from your past are always with you.

Angela is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), Photographic Craftsman, and a member of Professional Photographers of America, as well as a member of her local and state affiliates.  She believes that it is important to continue to improve her skills, stay abreast of the industry, and prove her competence through certification, as well continuing education.  She participates annually in PPA’s International Print Competition, where she has received high honors, with many of her images receiving outstanding merits, and one image went on to be placed in the prestigious Loan Collection Book, and another into PPA’s Showcase Book.

She is also the mother of a beautiful son, JT, and the wife to her beloved husband, Troy, and companion to her furbabies, Skye, the husky, and Baxter, the Corgi, and a two year old husky pup named ICE that works as an ESA for her son.

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