Wyoming Professional

Photographers Association

2020 WPPA Summer Shootout

  • 7 Aug 2020
  • 5:00 PM
  • 9 Aug 2020
  • 9:00 PM
  • Sheridan Wyoming


  • This price is only for WPPA Members and includes all events.
  • This price is for all other participants. This ticket includes all events.
  • This ticket is to allow extra guests to attend the fun get together on Thursday.
  • This Ticket is only for attending the PPAEdu class with Angela Lawson on Saturday, August 8th. Includes meals. No member discount.
  • This ticket is to attend on the "Wild West" Shoot Out sessions on Sunday, August 9th. Includes meals. No member discount


Join us for Shootout 2020 in Sheridan Wyoming, August 7th-9th where we’ll be celebrating, learning and enjoying all things photography! 

We’ll kick-off Friday evening, August 7th, with "Toasts and Trophies,” which is a cool way of saying, “Enjoy drinks, appetizers and mingle with fellow WPPA members and friends, then help us honor our 2020 Print Competition Winners.”

August 8th will be spent with award-winning pet photographer, Angela Lawson as she teaches us the Ins-and-Outs of Pet Photography.
"Pets are an integral part of many families. And whether it is the beloved family dog, the faithful companion to a growing child, the cats that are treated like children, or any of the other wonderful animals that people choose to have as pets, we, as photographers, are often called upon to photograph these special family members. For many photographers, this is a bit of a challenge, as there is a whole new aspect to photographing animals that isn’t taught in our photography manuals. I will go beyond the technical aspects of photographing animals and teach you some of the many helpful ways to work with animals in general, as well as specific tips for working with specific animals. We will cover everything from the importance of a pre-consultation, to pet specific handling tips, successful studio lighting arrangements, and even proper ways for posing not only pets by themselves, but successful ways to pose pets with their people.”

Get ready for a Wild West filled day, August 9th. We have so many wonderful things planned with the primary focus being on our rich Western heritage, starting with an early morning Native American dance and individual portrait opportunities. The day's sessions will include beautiful models all garbed in their western finery, horses, a cowboy asking for his girl’s hand in marriage (genuine surprise engagement session - he’s patiently waiting for Shootout to make his move...), and more, all with the beautiful backdrop of Rapid Canyon Ranch at the base of the Big Horn Mountains. On this day, there will be no formal instruction, rather, we will work together on posing, lighting and shooting techniques. The advantage of creating our own images without being under an instructor, is the ability to use our images for print competition, should we desire to do so. We are pretty sure no one will leave empty handed in the image department.

Rapid Canyon Ranch is about 20 minutes from the town of Sheridan and there is plenty of space to park a camper or set up a tent. All food and beverages are included in the cost so that no one has to leave the ranch. But if camping isn't your thing and you would rather make accommodations at a hotel, Sheridan has several options. 

As we get closer to the date, we'll be sharing all the details for directions, camping instructions, what to bring, etc. Seriously, Shootout 2020 is an event you will definitely want to attend.

For specific questions, contact either Erica Harvey or Becky Pickrel.


Angela Lawson, CPP, M.Photog., Cr.Photog. 

Remember your last portrait session. The scene was set.  Your whole family was gathered in their best dress, teasing, laughing, enjoying being together and sharing a bit of time to create a memory that will last a lifetime.  You look at that portrait now, at each face. Some of the faces you get to see every day, some are off at college or forging new careers, and some have gone on to other journeys.  Each face is so precious. You feel so blessed that you have them here with you, no matter where they really are.

Remember your very best friend, the one that would lay at your feet, walk by your side or that was your protector even when you didn’t need protecting.  He’ll always be with you, too. You treasured him enough to take him to AGL Photography and have him photographed. He was so cute and listened so well that day.

At AGL Photography, we understand that it is all the rage to be photographed and have your images delivered to you digitally. However, we also know that it is doing you a real disservice to only share your images with you on a medium that will disappear.   A beautifully and professionally printed portrait is guaranteed to last over 100 years.   At AGL Photography, we encourage you to purchase more than just a digital memory.  We want you to have not only a “tangible memory”, but also an heirloom that can be passed on for generations to come.

At AGL Photography, we know that the future comes, and we are here to make sure those important moments of time from your past are always with you.

Angela is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), Photographic Craftsman, and a member of Professional Photographers of America, as well as a member of her local and state affiliates.  She believes that it is important to continue to improve her skills, stay abreast of the industry, and prove her competence through certification, as well continuing education.  She participates annually in PPA’s International Print Competition, where she has received high honors, with many of her images receiving outstanding merits, and one image went on to be placed in the prestigious Loan Collection Book, and another into PPA’s Showcase Book.

She is also the mother of a beautiful son, JT, and the wife to her beloved husband, Troy, and companion to her furbabies, Skye, the husky, and Baxter, the Corgi, and a two year old husky pup named ICE that works as an ESA for her son.

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